Friday, April 18, 2008

New Friends

The high point of the PBR series for me was making new friends. Here is Andrea Harsell, who mc'd the proceedings. She was the spark plug keeping the colossus moving, and anybody who ever handled logistics for an affair like this can understand how hard she worked to keep it running.
It was at that first PBR, I met Wolf Redboy and Amanda. Wolf writes his own material and delivers it with a soaring, swooping almost-operatic style.

Andrea is one of those Missoula women, who is beyond being just a talent, but is a force of nature. She gave a concert in the theater, at the 515, one week after it closed.


  1. Fewer words, my ass. A little reading never hurt anybody!

  2. Agreed! Charles, darling, don't lose the verbosity. Your garrulousness is charming and very true to you. <3