Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back to Old Favorites for First Friday

I had a grandiose itinerary planned for the First Friday of February. A certain amount of fatigue, after a busy week, and a little nap, which lasted too long, led to some list chopping. I did get back to an old favorite, the Celtic Connection and Green Bicycle Tea Room. First Friday produces an Irish folk music jam and a free dark Irish beer. Oh yes, life is sweet.

Afterwards, it was almost time for Zeppo, at the Union Club, and I filled the gap with a burger from Milo's, the cafe in the back of the club. A notable list of Missoula's musicians were among the crowd, with some artists and hipsters seldom seen at the club. It was a to-the-max event.

I didn't get a lot of photos, this time, because I am still concentrating on the video. I taped another hour with at least two full songs with Chuck up front, two with Ruthie, and two of them together. My framing has improved, and I'm looking forward to editing this last batch. Soon, Kitchenpoet will expand to Youtube.

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