Monday, February 16, 2009

iNHUMANS Release CD and Say Good-bye

The iNHUMANS are the latest hot Missoula band to announce their departure for greener pastures and greater fortunes. Missoula's loss will soon be Portland's gain. On Valentine's Day they had the release party for their CD, 97 Lovers, at the Badlander. It was also their farewell performance.
First, there was a sound check...check...check

There was a table, where the new CD and other souvenirs could be bought.

Then came another of their unique and outrageous iNHUMAN events, the last in Missoula for a while.

Kyle started the evening looking very sophisticated, but his image unraveled, as the heat began to build.

Later, Kyle's tux is but a memory. It would be an understatement to say the Badlander was packed that night. It would be accurate to state Kitchenpoet was only one of several photographers present for the event.

The good news, for everyone who loves talented women, is that these three are staying in Missoula. From left to right, Ruthie, Margi and Robin are Heavy Flow. What will they do next?

Ruthie will continue to sing with Zeppo, MT. That group may be seen at the Union Club, on First Friday, for the next few months.

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