Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rooster Sauce Headlines a Great Palace Evening

He's used other names with other bands, but now he is David Lee Rooster, right up front in Rooster Sauce. According to him, the bassist below is another Rooster, Sarah something, I think, but she's always going to be Adelaide of Ceretanas Studio, to me. She's an artist, a musician, a glam rocker and a vintage vinyl specialist. At least she works in a shop that specializes in vintage.

Rooster Sauce can glam, cover, rock and stomp. Their eclectic and ever-changing mix of looks and sounds is beginning to rope me in. One thing is for sure: the Roosters want you to have a good time at their shows, and they will bust their butts to see you do.

This night, they were in top form, and the guitars eschewed costumes and gimmicks to show off their musical chops.

Another late night for the Kitchenpoet, after big night with Wartime Blues, on Tuesday. I still haven't worked those photos, and, now, last night's Palace show and Reverend Slanky's return to the Badlander are added to the rock pile. Where is my sledgehammer?

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