Sunday, February 22, 2009

Zootown Underground, Part Deux





I love the four women of Knot Knocked Up. On Thursday, February 19, they headlined an event in the basement of ZACC.

Appropriately enough, the band before Knot Knocked Up was called No Babies. Except for the drummer, while playing, they all moved around too rapidly for me to keep up. When some instrument trading took place, and the singer sat at the drums, I finally captured her image. Before that I had a hank of hair, a shoulder and a flash, nothing more.

The band laid down their instruments once and transformed into a brass section, becoming visible in the process.

Deny the Dinosaur opened the evening with some powerful metal strumming and almost dirge-like melodies. They were, however, either shy or shunning the audience with their backs turned. I sneaked around back and got one decent profile.

Green Sickness is the moniker these chaps go by.

The proud father of the drummer asked me to photograph his son. He's above and his son is below.

This fellow only attends the hippest of events.

Perhaps inspired by No Babies, Knot Knocked Up capped the evening with an awesome performance topping even their explosive show at the lab with a truly fearless exhibit here.

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  1. you girls fucking rule!!!!-mariahs cousin in vermont