Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gotta rant to keep my head from expoloding

When I was in grade school, the earth's population was 2.5 billion. Now it tops 6.5 billion. I have a theory that there is a limited amount of intelligence on earth, and, as the population grows, people are getting dumber. This is the only explanation I can think of for some of the rank stupidity going on today.

By now, you have all heard about the birthers. This is a group of people, who in spite of all evidence to the contrary, claim Obama was not born in this country and isn't legally president. These folks cannot handle the fact that a "colored man" is now the president of these United States, and they are grasping at straws, attempting to make it not so. I don't think it is fair I have to share the planet with people that prejudiced and dumb.

Have you heard about the circumcision fuss? The Center for Disease Control released a study stating circumcision reduced the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), including HIV/AIDS. The biggest liar in the media took that little report and announced Obama was going to mandate circumcision for all American males. The dickheads, who believe and proudly repeat that bloated asshole's pronouncements, pissed all over themselves.

Then there's the health care debate. The local paper is full of letters reciting the Republican talking points word for word. They don't want government bureaucrats in charge of health care; having insurance company bureaucrats in charge is fine with them. The government will assess the value of human beings and condemn some to death rather than paying for the medical treatment they need. They are afraid of fictional death panels. Meanwhile, it doesn't seem to bother them that insurance companies, in order to increase and preserve their profits, have condemned thousands to misery and death.

Blowhard talking heads shout we have the best health care on the planet and we shouldn't mess with it. Wrong. We have the most expensive health care on the planet, but nowhere near the best. In fact, we don't rank in the top 20. Where do we rank? Last among developed nations at #37. Single payer systems, which many countries have, produce lower infant mortality rates and longer life spans with lower costs than our system, but you can't tell that from the bullshit being spouted on the so-called news.

As soon as this debate started, it was announced that single payer was off the table. Our very own bought and paid for senator said that. Instead we would get a public option. Wait a minute. That would cut into the profits of the companies getting rich from health care. OK, eliminate the public option, as well. Use some high sounding words to give the appearance of improvement, while leaving the mess as it is and say look what we did.

In this country corporate profits are more important than human lives. Our friends and relatives continue to endure misery and die, while insurance company CEOs rake in salaries in the millions. Our elected officials accept bribes to write legislation, which protects those millions of dollars, while claiming to work for the peoples' interest.

Meanwhile, people stare at their television screens, believe the pablum they are fed, repeat the nonsense and become furious when anyone tries to reason with them. Maybe, if a plague reduced our population, there would be more intelligence to go around.

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