Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Open Mike @Brooks and Browns

Open mike every Tuesday, 7-10pm, at Brooks and Browns.

Teri Llovet and Louis Bond have the open mike at Brooks and Browns going full steam ahead. They organize the event, maintain the sound and provide back up for any performer who wants it. Teri plays the bass, and, it seems, Louis plays damn near everything. How many songs does this man know?

"Where is Brooks and Browns?" you ask. B&B is the bar in the Holiday Inn, at the end of Pattee by the park. There's a restaurant named Riverbend and the bar on the lower level in back, with a patio and access from the lawn. The music has moved inside to avoid tuning problems caused by cooler weather. You can order from the restaurant menu in the bar. The burgers are large enough to be intimidating, and the sweet potato fries are good.

This is a good place for musicians to learn their chops. The support is professional and the atmosphere friendly.

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