Monday, September 7, 2009

Metal Show in the Union Hall

Zootown's two top metal bands sandwiched At Home in Hell, the visiting band, at the Union Hall, Saturday, August 29,2009. Blessiddoom opened with the 666 policeman denouncing thought crime, or was he exhorting others to commit thought crime? His stance received a challenge from stage left.

Then came the most exciting duet I have ever photographed. This is hot stuff, as Chelsea and Eddie go at it.

Two drummers give Walking Corpse Syndrome a solid rhythmic foundation, and every member of the band performs with vigor. The result is a whopping, professional look and sound.

Some are surprised I like metal bands, but I like any kind of music, when it is done well and played with high energy and heart. These two bands are delivering exciting performances. I came home with a Corpse CD, which proved to have excellent production values. Zootown seems to give most local music makers a twist to their genre, making the local sound better than the national average. Except for a few classics, I wouldn't listen to anything labeled country, until I came to Missoula. Here, the country is bigger than country.

This all ages show occurred the same Saturday the Roots Festival started, and I left Roots after Great American Taxi to watch Blessiddoom. After Blessiddoom I made the rounds. Downstairs, the Union Club was deader than a mackeral, empty and listless, with the Workers on stage. I returned to the festival to check out Donna the Buffalo, the final act, which was OK, but tame compared to what I had just seen. Nothing was stirring at the other venues yet.

After Walking Corpse Syndrome, the festival was over for Saturday, the Club was better populated, but still listless. Reverend Slanky and posse occupied the Palace, as I have already posted. Mike Bader Blues Band was at the Top Hat laying down some tight blues, nothing off the beaten path, but solid.

Blessiddoom and Walking Corpse Syndrome each have a set on flickr. The slideshow function on flickr is as close as I can get to producing that you are there feeling. The sequence between Eddie and Chelsea is special. Also, I finally captured the guitar player's glowing suit, during the final set.

Blessiddoom will play the Palace on Friday, September 11, and I'm wondering why I don't see that on

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  1. Thank you yet again for some great photos and covering our event! You are an awesome part of our local scene!