Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Words About More Things

Kitchenpoet covers the scene on Higgins, during the summer.

A more recent photo of yours truly taken by the bewitching woman below.
Teri Llovett's band, Full Moon Prophets, will play their last two shows in the middle of November. On Saturday, November 14, will be their last monthly show at the Union Club. Music starts by 9:30pm. The next night, on Sunday, November 15, the final show will take place at the Top Hat.

I'm using this shot again, because I love it. I like the Independent Telephone building as architecture, and as a photographic subject. Here it is framed by a window in the Union Hall. I'm thinking about making it my logo for social commentary rants. Speaking of social commentary, see below.
No, not all Wal-Mart shoppers are this stupid, but, obviously, some are. note: I didn't take this shot; someone emailed it to me.

The officer has just heard a horn honk and is looking behind him down Higgins towards Front. The horn is coming from the Mercedes to the left. The driver wants the policeman to move so he can turn into the alley.

A sad story, all too common in Zootown.

Yes, I approve of the power box paintings. They add nice color touches to downtown.

I can't end this post without mentioning Peter Bowen, whom I saw again at the Festival of the Book. Last year's fest introduced me to him and other regional writers. Since then I have read several books by them. In Peter's case, I have tried to read everything he's written. His Gabriel Du Pre' mysteries are a delight. If you read mysteries, adventure or local authors, find a Peter Bowen book to read. The library has most of them.

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