Thursday, December 3, 2009

Catch Up, with Three Exciting Performances

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Tonsofun opened for the iNHUMANS at the Badlander. 

Recently, on the Top Hat stage, he sported a different look. 

He invited Ruthie on stage for a rapping, hip-hop duet. She poured her heart into it, as she always does, and the two of them produced some truly original material.

I'm still having trouble with the new google image uploader, and I can't get the truly dramatic shot of Ruthie belting it out to upload here. Well, (bleep!)... There are more images of these two on stage at the Top Hat over on my flickr archive. Look for Tonsofun among the sets.

Other recent events of note included TSMF, followed a day later by This Band Kills Fascists, both at the Palace.

 I must mention here my first print exhibition opens at the Palace tomorrow, Friday, December 4, during the First Friday Gallery Walk, 5-8pm. Another band has cancelled, due to illness, but the event is finally on. The bar will be open, and there will be music. The American Humanics Student Association is holding a raffle, and a large number of prizes will be awarded, at approximately 7p. Mayor Engen is expected for that event.

Here's another big fellow who is a lot of fun. Charlie is up front leading the charge for TSMF.

Behind Charlie is a hard driving sound. Yes, the bass player is also with Punchy and the Knockouts.

This Band Kills Fascists is another group, with TSMF, high on my up and coming band list. There's a dramatic story here far beyond my current abilities to tell. I'll end with some images, and a reminder there is more of everyone in this post over on flickr.

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