Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Lights @the Hat

The Top Hat has invested in new stage lighting, which creates dramatic new effects. Luau Cinder played under the lights on Saturday, December 5.

There are more images from this performance on the flickr archive.


  1. Actually that lighting display is owned and opperated by myself(Lance, from Luau Cinder) and Tom Massie(Miller Creek). We've started a business called Strange Design Lighting and done shows and festivals in ID and MT for the last year or so. We can be contacted for questions or for hire at: for now until we setup our website and stuff.

    Love your photos man, I have one you gave me from when we (Luau Cinder) played at Authentic Creations for first friday that was one of my favorites from that era of our band, the picture of Nate on bass at the Top Hat is great too. Thanks for coming to our shows and taking sweet photos! Next show with the light rig is Miller Creek 12/18/09 at Badlander, then Luau Cinder 12/31/09 at John's Alley in Moscow, ID.
    Peace. Lance

  2. Thank you. I sometimes wonder if anyone is looking.

    Don't those square assemblies with the changing colored lights belong to the Top Hat? The beams were yours, obviously. I'm looking at some stage stuff there recently, ie: Ruthie and Tonsofun, SWYL, etc., to see the differences.