Tuesday, December 22, 2009

John Prine said, "Blow up your TV..." Someone decided to abandon their's outside. After being king of the living room for years, it looks a little lonely in the snow.

Watching television is sometimes a problem, if one does too much of it. It is always a problem, if someone confuses what appears on television with reality. Television is designed to entertain and create corporate profit. Any appearance of reality is an illusion; any claim to being real should be considered false advertising. I've ranted about faux news and the fools who believe it more than once, and I won't go into that again, at this time.

I've got something else on my mind. Has anyone noticed my flickr archive now has only 200 photos instead of 6000? 200 is the normal limit on free flickr accounts, which is why I paid $24.95 a year ago to purchase a Pro account with unlimited storage. I recently received an email notice that it was time to renew, and I have attempted many times to do just that. Yahoo, who owns flickr, says there is a problem with my card and would I please use another. My bank says there is nothing wrong with my card. In fact, a nice young woman at my bank showed me on screen where Yahoo attempted to dun my account, but because they didn't have an amount on the transaction, nothing happened. She and I spent 90 minutes on the phone with someone at flickr's 866 number, and that person spent the last 20 minutes of the conversation repeating, "I can't help you."

Maybe this is the universe telling me to start using Picasa. Maybe I should develop my own site. Maybe flickr could become a monthly summary of Zootown music events. My head is full of maybes...

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