Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sold Out Again

Holy irony, Batman. Award a man the peace prize, watch him go to war and refuse to ban land mines. Can you say sold out again? Change you can believe in became the same old thing and worse in no time.

Back during the elation of victory on election day, I posted right here a warning about the exuberance we felt after getting Bill Clinton elected, only to watch him continue the policies of Raygun and George, the First, which sent American business overseas. After pointing out how those two paid American companies with tax dollars to move overseas, while debating George I, Clinton continued the same programs. Corporations were given tax dollar assistance to move their operations to other countries. Americans paid to have the new employees taught English.

As soon as elected, Obama dismissed the people-oriented progressives who guided his campaign and brought in a financial team made of the very assholes who created the economic disaster in the first place. They immediately threw more money after bad by continuing the Bush bail out. That sell out came quickly.

Then the whole health care crisis was discussed as a health insurance crisis. We have too much insurance getting in the way now. What we need is health care. Fund clinics and hospitals. Fund medical schools. Fund all kinds of schools. Stop funding war.

Getting rid of the criminal Bush coalition should have freed our government of Orwellian double-talk, but again peace has become war and visa versa. Does one have to become a liar in order to be a politician? It sure looks like it. I've been tired of voting for the lesser of two evils for so long, but I thought the differences this time ruled out another vote for Nader. I was wrong, although perhaps McCain would have already pulled an Iraq on Iran. That was one scary possibility, and the other big one was Palin.

Pundits are already giving Palin an even chance of making Obama a one-term president. I think that is premature. Holy shit, that woman is nuts. How on earth can anyone take her seriously? We're off the scale into the absurd now. She can see Russia from her porch, you betcha. Whoa Nelly, back the truck up.

Speaking of sell outs, McCain committed a huge one when he reversed himself on torture. Likewise, the new president when he said there would be no investigation of possible illegal acts by the previous administration. Clinton made that same mistake, forgiving the previous administration. Should be blowing those fuckers out of the water, while the evidence is fresh. Make it impossible for them to come back any time soon. Drive Bush and his corporate cronies to live in their fortified South American estates.

How does he win the Nobel Peace Prize for selling out so completely to the military-industrial complex? Kissinger did the same thing. Eisenhower was the first to warn of the complex and its growing power. Kennedy and Johnson, two peace loving Democrats, got us into the Vietnam mess with much lying. Here we go again. Dammit.


  1. I think what we need to do is stop giving our consent to these politicians and withdraw from their processes entirely. Start seeing what can be done in our immediate communities and build from there- we're obviously not going to be getting any help from the halls of government or the kings of finance, so let's see what we can do for each other, right here and now.