Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Elks, Skurfs, Fun, Gavin, or is it Donny(?)

Gavin is new to me, since he returned to Missoula recently. Not long after I arrived in Zootown his previous band, Arrows to the Sun, held their final event at the Bike Doctor, I missed it, and Gavin headed to warmer climes. Now he's back with a band called the Skurfs, labeling their music mountain surf. This is the real deal. See them ASAP.

Gavin plays as Donny McBride. He and bandmate, Danny Venture, produced this show, where 15 bands performed on Friday, March 12, at the Elks Club. Minor glitches aside, this event was a spectacular success. Mike Avery covered sound, Gavin MC'd and a line up of Missoula new and different bands laid out some energizing music.

I arrived in time for the Chalfonts.

Next up, Bright Northern Light saw the trumpet and raised a French horn.

Love the Clerks t-shirt.

The audience was growing. I had to skip out to the Top Hat for Butter and the first few songs by Lukas Nelson, before returning in time for the Skurfs. The crowd was even larger. Only Hell's Belles at the Badlander had a bigger draw, and it wasn't nearly as much fun as what happened here.

Gavin was channeling Buddy Holly, and generally enjoying his work, which made the crowd happy to listen.

It was another great night in my hometown. There are 24 images of this event on flickr.

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