Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Friday--March, 2010

Three shows in four months. Take the brakes off. Yes sir, I did. We're smokin' now. Hotdiggetydirt. And wowzerfuckingdamn too.

My show dedicated to Ruthie opened at Computer Central on First Friday, during the gallery walk. I was too busy meeting and greeting to take any photos. Once again, I can say I am proud of my work. I tried a different display concept designed for the venue. Come see the show. Computer Central is next door to the old Raven, later Dauphine's, just west of the Post Office. As always, I am open to suggestions, criticisms, barter and haggle. I'll be spending some time over there admiring my work and tooting my ego.

After my opening, I went to see how the young anarchists were doing with their protest against the new homeless and panhandling regulations. Some of my best friends are among this group.

David Lewis Johnson /Reggie Herbert

One goal was accomplished as passers by stopped to ask about the issue. There will be a follow up discussion at the Union Hall on St Patrick's Day. That seems so appropriate on more than one level.

Around the block and over to the Top Hat

where I found another photographer taking pictures of another friend. Back up to Main and over to the Union Club to see Russ Nasset

There is no better guitar picker in Zootown. I say that not because Russ is a friend. I say it, because I love people who work at their art, and this cat is an artist. In addition, he's talented as hell and a true gentleman.

Feet were tapping, and folks were dancing. First Friday was one of those really good nights at the Union Club, and the very next night, Zeppo was there, but that is another story for another time. 

It's 11o'clock, and I must get to Ceretana's to see Wolf Redboy and his new line up. Wolf is one of the truly original denizens of Zootown. Again, as with Russ, I didn't say what I did about him, because he is my friend. He is my friend, because he is one of the most original fuckers I've ever met. I dig the shit out of his stuff and have, since I first saw him with Amanda Cevallos on bass and Martin McCain on drums at PBR two years ago.

Speaking of Amanda Cevallos reminds me, here is another Amanda, who was at Ceretana's Friday night. I'm trying to remember if every Amanda I've known has been drop dead gorgeous. It seems like it.

What's the time? My evening is ready to start. First stop, a Northside party, and then it downtown to the Top Hat. Tom Catmull is opening for Backyard Tire Fire, and I told Tom and Travis I would be there, if the creek didn't rise, and it didn't. I'm on my way.

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