Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kitchenpoet's Weekend was Terrific, How About Your's?

Kitchenpoet leaped on the weekend like a cougar on a steak. The photo above was taken by this dude.

He captured a better image of me than I did of him. My apologies. He laid down on the sidewalk to get that shot, and I'm too old to lay on sidewalks.

The weekend was off to a hard charging start with all the activity of First Friday, as previously posted. Wolf Redboy played again on Saturday, this time in the Palace.

Moonshine Mountain @ the Hat

Zeppo was playing the Union Club, but Ruthie strictly forbade my taking photos, saying it was time for me to just enjoy myself. She doesn't get how much I enjoy taking photos, I guess. Anyway, I had a great Saturday night, after a great Friday night, and I have something to say about Sunday, too, but I've other things to do right now. Time to get downtown.


  1. Are you going to post the Backyard Tire Fire photos from Sunday night at the Top Hat?

    That would be GREAT!

  2. OK, they are up. Look for the title Tom Catmull Starts a Fire. More shots of both bands going on flickr within the hour.