Friday, August 29, 2008

Rainbows Bless Hemp Fest

Moving is good in many ways; not moving is a symptom of death. Moving, as in changing residences, can be stressful, however. It quickly teaches us how much crap we accumulate, as time goes by in the same residence. I handled the logistics well, moving everything I could with my car, until one van load held the big furniture. I spent a full day spit-shining the old apartment, hoping only the carpet cleaning would come out of my deposit. Communication, however, was lost for 10 days, until cable service could be transferred to my new home, and then all messages to my voice mail and all my passwords for the phone system were lost. My mail isn't going to my old box, but still isn't arriving in my new PO Box.

Yesterday afternoon was dedicated to handling email and catching up on some photo work. Now, I can let off some steam by blogging for the first time in three weeks.

My new home is matched by my new job. I'm working in the registrar's office at MAM, helping catalog the collection. I'm surrounded by art, artists and art lovers, a situation which nourishes me instead of sucking my soul and numbing my mind. Can you say Wal-Mart? After a lot of that over 40 years, I think I've had my share, and its time to do something that suits my nature better. I'm in hog heaven.

Summary: three weeks on new job, changed address, and tons of internet stuff to catch up on. Here we go.

Saturday markets, Peoples' and Renegades', checking the art and chatting. I'm on my way to Hemp Fest, when I hear it cost $5 to get in. Since that represented two full thirds of everything I had, I wasn't going to the expense. Imagine my surprise to find I'm the "official photographer" for the event. It was one of those you're-on-the-list-get-your-ass-in-here-and-start-shooting moments.

I'm glad I attended Hemp Fest for a lot of reasons. Two of my favorite bands played, I saw a bunch of friends and the rainbows blessed the occasion.

As always, I hope all my beloved readers are healthy and happy. See you at the end of the Rainbow.

Speaking of, that's another story.


  1. Awesome shots Charles. Those rainbows look as though we are creating them.... good work man!

  2. I thought you did create them. Didn't you sing your rainbow song just minutes earlier? And wasn't there some magical dancing in a rainbow skirt?