Saturday, August 9, 2008

Warning: Political Rant Ahead.

There's another war in the world, as Russia and Georgia go at it. What base foolishness! Wars start tit-for-tat, like fifth grade farting contests and escalate until people are getting killed. Professional soldiers are not killed as often as innocent civilians. The ignorant morons, who start these messes, are never killed along with the innocent civilians.

It's a business. Their jobs depend on building weapons of mass destruction, selling them and using them. Profits go up as people die. This destructive program hides behind mass market memes, such as "free market" and "democracy' and robs the poor to bloat the rich.

Orwell's 1984 didn't arrive exactly on time, but it is definitely with us now. If you haven't read any Orwell, shame on you! It's as pure a prophesy and commentary as any in the Bible. And to quote the Moody Blues: ...the truth is all around if you can but perceive.

We must make ending war our first priority and dismantle the military/industrial complex. We must reverse engineer our culture.

Anybody have a link to that 1984-style, Superbowl Apple ad? Loved that graphic.

Meanwhile, here's something to consider.

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