Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Mystery Solved

Who is this woman, and where is she now?
As the day faded on the annual bike rally, in Caras Park, a year ago, I encountered fans on their way to view the absolutely, last and final reunion of Swizzlegrit at the Elks Club. I had never heard of the band, but the enthusiasm of their fans pulled me into the Club. When the lead singer noticed my picture taking, she gave me a wave and a big smile.

Swizzlegrit disappeared from the scene, after that performance, and I asked many people if they knew who this woman was. After months of negative responses, I gave up learning her identity.

I should have asked Bob Wire.

Thursday, Bob played the Downtown Tonight event, and he was cooking in more ways than one. The music was hot, and so was the stage, facing into the afternoon sun. Bob said his Butterball thermometer popped out showing "done," after the first two or three songs. Instead of wilting, however, he turned up the heat.

He introduced a guest star, an old friend of his, who used to sing locally with Swizzlegrit. (huh?!) Elizabeth Hunt, who now resides in San Diego, joined Bob on stage, and they rollicked through some country standards. The bond between Bob Wire and Swizzlegrit goes way back and two members of that group now play in Bob's band. My questions could have been answered long ago, if I had just asked the right person.


  1. Hey there! This is Elizabeth, your mystery girl. Imagine my surprise to find this blog as I am sitting at the computer, strolling down the Swizzlegrit memory lane. It was such a kick! Thanks for making me smile. I miss Missoula so much! I have a great country band down here called Three Chord Justice, but I sure get a hankerin' for some Zootown sometimes. I'll be back next year! Everyone out there, support live music and long live country!

  2. Glad you liked it. I came to Missoula to learn landscape photography, but, first I was distracted by the architecture of old buildings, and now I am up to my eyeballs in the music scene. I love Missoula and the music, here. Swizzlegrit was my first indoor music shoot, after a couple of outdoor affairs in Arkansas.

  3. I must admit, when I see Bob Wire on the marquee, I feel pretty stupid for not asking him about Swizzlegrit.