Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wolf Redboy Opens for Hillstomp

Wolf croons, and Amanda holds it all together, keeping it real.

Badlander's lighting often gives a campfire effect, but a cooler look can reward patience.
Always remember to flash the set.

Hillstomp returned to the Badlander, and people who caught them the first time around, made it a point to be there. It had been months, since they last made the trek from Portland. The drum kit had a few updates. The BBQ lid was gone, and the yellow, 5 gallon, plastic detergent bucket had been replaced with another brand. The air-filter holder was still there.

Hillstomp is a blues duo. There's an assortment of guitars and banjos, some home made and some customized like the drum set up. I went to see them the first time, because they said they had been inspired by R.L. Burnside. I, in turn, was inspired by Hillstomp. They had a lot of drive and were playing hard. They knew their instruments, made them in some cases, and were laying it down.

This time around they proved they are still learning and practicing. I must say they are damn good and do the tradition proud. I love the blues and R.L. Burnside. If you haven't heard of him, contact Possum Records and get R.L., T Model Ford and Junior Kimbrough. They're all dead now, but what a sound. The Possum boys just went out and found them wherever they were sitting, making their music.

Wolf Redboy took the stage first. Amanda and Wolf had it together for an impressive set. Wolf's arias will surprise some, but the sound is cutting edge popular in fashionable Asian scenes. Wolf is ahead of the curve on this one. He and Amanda are very talented, which is one of the reasons I liked them right away. And, again, I give bonus points for originality.

Also, again, I love this town and the music scene here.

And, again, Live and local. Pass it on.

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