Sunday, March 22, 2009

Full Moon Prophets @the Union Club

I'm in love; it's the real thing this time; all the others were mere infatuations. Not only does Teri Lavette meet my minimum age requirement, she plays bass and sings in a rock band. How cool is that? She sang a Sheryl Crow song asking the question, "If it makes you happy, why are you so sad," that gave me chills. I must mention she is in a relationship, and my ethics prohibit me from interfering in relationships, except to help them last. Oh well, I don't mind having another lovely, talented friend. Teri works the open mike night at the Union Club on Thursdays, as well as playing with the Full Moon Prophets, who appeared there on Saturday, March 14.

Full Moon Prophets is a quartet, playing hard-rock oldies, usually emphasizing a solid bass line. Although I am an oldie, I tend to avoid oldies music. Therefore let me change that description to the one the band uses, "blues-R&B-rock-jam group." In addition to Teri, I found some other pleasant surprises with the Prophets. Several of my all time favorites turned up in their playlist, the saxophone adds a jazzy touch to the sound, and everybody takes the music seriously. They can rock, fill a dance floor and raise the temperature.

I should have asked the guest performer how to spell his name. It is pronounced Yummi (Yummy, Yummie ?) He played the big drums, as well.

A group of fun-seekers, with exceptional hair, picked a good night to visit the club.

Full Moon Prophets appears at the club monthly and will return on Friday, April 24. They also have upcoming dates in Whitefish, at Great Northern, on April 10 & 11. Beyond that, check their website here.

There are 100 images of Full Moon Prophets on the flickr archive. Look for the same title, as this post, among the sets.

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