Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday, the 13th in Zootown

The once unnamed band, which had been Thug Life, is now Dr Agony and the Mystery Date. I don't know what the Dr Agony part is about, but I like Mystery Date. Pay attention zootown, there's some serious young star power developing here.

Electric Dandelion was set up and ready to go, at a house party, awaiting the arrival of their front man Kalen. I recently covered their show at the Palace. This night's performance ended soon, as the old wiring couldn't supply enough juice to power the band.

Mikki said my flash bothered her, and I began to shoot at slow shutter speeds with available light. I've been experimenting with this for a week or two.

When the musicians became giants, the one limitation of the basement venue became apparent. It was a wild and woolly night in the underground, beneath ZACC.

Pluto's a Planet capped the evening, at Dauphine's.

I can't be everywhere, but sometimes I try and I'm too old for that. This body can only handle so much coffee, and I need my eight hours.

Last night, was another marathon night, much like First Friday, a week earlier. Last week still isn't handled, but time is flexible and re-arrangeable in our new world. Thus, I simply must handle Friday, the 13th, first, and then go back to last week to finish off First Friday.

I started the evening with Mystery Date, because I saw them at the Palace and enjoyed their set. See that event in a previous post and on the flickr archive. Find more of Friday, the 13th, as well.

From Dauphine's, I rushed to a Northside house party for Knot Knocked Up, but arrived as they began their last number. Electric Dandelion set up to play next, but the old house refused to cooperate, electrically, and the band packed it in. It wasn't a long walk to ZACC, where Bridgebuilder was performing in the basement. Then it was back to Dauphine's, where Pluto's a Planet was the final act.

Thomas Pendarvis has added producer to his credits, with several fine cutting-edge programs at Dauphine's. Dauphine's is moving into the building with the Badlander and the Palace. It's happening now.

Goddammitboyhowdy is coming to the ZACC basement. I missed them twice at the Badlander, and they cancelled a show at the Lab, when I was there and waiting. They will be here Saturday, March 28. Raw Nerves, from Portland, and two other bands are also on the bill for that event.

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