Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Sweet Evening in the Palace

Once upon a time, there was a band named Thug Life, made up of four beautiful, talented people who had nothing to do with anything thug-like. Realizing their name didn't fit them, they went nameless for a bit, before renaming themselves Dr. Agony and the Mystery Date. All of this has been chronicled in previous posts, here. It is time for the latest chapter. Mystery Date was scheduled for the Palace, on Tuesday, March 24, but two members were unavailable. Here is the hybrid band which played. Madison is up front, and Mary is fiddling bold and moody.

Thomas Pendarvis appears, over Mary's shoulder. He says he's beginning to like playing the bass. I think he did it the first time with Streetlight People, during Amanda's CD party. Since then he has repeated with that group and stood in with others.

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar was the name band, visiting from Bellingham, for this evening.

Another strong drum storm occurs in the Palace.

I've pointed out my penchant to capture other photographers, when I can. I am not the only photographer on the scene, but...

The two at the right in both of these were the ones who insisted on having their pictures taken this time. I'm going to start posting an occasional collection of people who ask to be photographed, instead of including just one or two like this.

More photos from this evening may be found on the flickr archive.

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