Thursday, March 19, 2009

St Patrick's Day Parade

On my way to the parade, I spotted this little fellow hiding in the grass. When I reached the XXXs, the parade was in formation, ready to roll.

There were a number of classic vehicles, the Corvettes being my favorites. Over on the flickr archive, I have more vehicles, plus at least one shot of every Corvette in the parade (I hope). Car lovers can check them out.

There were three groups of midget-cars and riders. Whatever the yellow four-wheelers run on stank up the street. I have to be honest. They were all a hoot to photograph. An orange truck with a green driver ended the parade.

Someone near me, along the parade route, pointed out the "Russian" wolfhounds to his kids. For photos of the Irish wolfhounds in the parade, check the flickr site. This picture is, of course, not of a hound, but of a member of the audience, intrigued by my approach.

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