Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Prophets of Violence and Doom

Once upon a time, there lived a great prophet named Robert Sheckley, who foretold a time when "berserkers" would find a crowded public spot and kill as many people as possible before they themselves were killed. I think he's in the Bible between Micah and Nahum. He's in my Bible anyway. His prophesies have come true. There was one in Alabama and another one in Germany, quickly after.

What is causing such crazed behavior? Too many humans, that's what. The population pressure is becoming too intense for some, and more will crack as it increases. Time to read the Population Bomb, again. There's another prophesy considered fiction in its time, which is now coming true. Civility is breaking down in the most alarming fashion.

There are some who think we are the crown of god's creation and others who think we are the highest step in evolution so far. The universe probably looks at us like an infestation of lice, or perhaps on the other end of a microscope aimed at us a doctor diagnoses cancer. We are purveyors of death and destruction.

How can someone shoot up a school in Germany? He used a smaller caliber than the Israelis did to shoot up schools in Gaza, a few weeks back. Its all the same madness.

As we voraciously devour the planet, we exterminate thousands of species per year, proving we certainly are neither the peak of evolution or creation. Now, there are fools among us, who fight the use of all forms of contraception, claiming it is some kind of duty to reproduce. They'll fight and commit crimes to protect a few dividing cells claiming human life starts at conception, but they don't give a damn how many die of starvation, disease and war, because there are already too damn many humans on this dirtball.

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