Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catch Up Caras

Right up there in the corner, it says I'm old and slow. I haven't covered The Downtown Association's splendid summer series for two weeks. Mark your calendars for Out to Lunch, every Wednesday, 11a-2p, and Downtown Tonight, every Thursday, 5:30-8:30p.

Now let's do the timeslip to Wednesday week and catch up four events.

Full Moon Prophets Out to Lunch

Jazzy oldies you can sing along with played in clean, hard rocking style with an emphasis on bass.

The emphasis on bass is my friend, Teri Llovet. She sings a Cheryl Crowe song that gives me goose bumps.

Bob Wire & Magnificent Bastards Downtown Tonight

Bob Wire was cooking at Downtown Tonight. Only lining the tent with foil could make this venue tougher on Thursday nights. Week after week, brave performers face this trial. Poor Bob's plump turkey thermometer was about to pop. Bob still poured his heart into his "extreme honky-tonk," until the timer went off, and then he ran for the shade and a cold brew.

This is the new proprietor of the Celtic Connection, and I can't spell her name in Irish to save my ass, but it's pronounced Keeva. I'm not sure whether she was telling me to take a picture, or telling me to stuff my camera. She's a delightful woman, and the revival of the Connection has already started.

RMSP photography students showed up in large numbers to shoot the event. It looked like superbowl with all those fancy cameras and lenses waving along the sidelines.

Secret Powers Out to Lunch

Secret Powers is usally fronted by Schmed on the keyboard (above), but they switched up a bit at Out to Lunch. This may be the most professional combo in town, with their technical expertise and polished performances.

Clumsy Lovers Downtown Tonight

The Clumsy Lovers are visitors from Vancouver, B.C. who play zootown two or three times a year. Their music is kicky stuff with a lot of influences, including Celtic, folk and bluegrass. They have several cds, stickers and t-shirts to choose from at their merchandise table. Also Celtic Connection will join the local merchants who sell the cds.

If you have not attended one of these events, shame on you. They live up to the old ad line "fun for the whole family."

There are more images on the flickr archive, although I am trying to cut back on how many I post. The 5000 images over there are overwhelming. There are also older sets of all the bands featured in this post.

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