Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catch Up Underground, Part 1

It's colorful, danceable, underground, and unfortunately cut back to a monthly event, for the summer. It's Club Q, downstairs in the Elks Club. Tiny has been producing this alternative venue for over two years, and it has developed into an entertaining night spot for those who like to leave the beaten path.

Down in the basement of an activist household is another underground scene which has been a dependable provider of Off-the-Beaten-Path bands for some time. This night, it was the Taxpayers, who claimed to be an acapella cover band and started that way, before swinging into some of the most original material this side of Jupiter.

Beef Curtain at the Palace. Another underground band in another underground venue.

The father is introducing me to his daughter, when she interrupts, saying, "Hey, you were at the Beefcurtain show. I see you everywhere." Although I can't be everywhere, I do sometimes try, and then a day or two of recovery is required.

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