Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kitchenpoet Kisses the Ground

Of course, Louis would be there backing up Andrea at Caras Park for the first Out to Lunch of the summer. And, over on the other side, another regular.

But who are these other guys? Oh, yes, Schmed is on the keyboard, and...Joe Nickell on the drums. I didn't know what the "and Band" on the promotion meant, but I didn't expect this development. Joe talks about it in his regular column Nickellbag.

Sweet jumping Jesus, I am glad to be back in Missoula, I've just had a roadtrip to hell and back. I mean It wasn't like having your village bombed day after day, because someone suspects militants are hiding there, or hastily burying a friend or relative and running for cover, but it was damned traumatic to me. I didn't want to go to Arkansas, I couldn't afford to go to Arkansas, and I had to go to Arkansas.

There are good people, even in the armpit of America, and I must thank some family and friends for helping me make my trip.

But, holy mother of god, am I glad to be home. I missed Missoula, my favorite hangs, the Saturday Markets, the music and my friends.

Kitchenpoet is back, but he has some catching up to do. Please, be patient with the old man. This trip has caused some life changing thought processes. There may be a change of focus at hand. In the meantime, I have some images in the can to work on. First Friday was a busy one, and I went to Love Your Mother on Sunday. Today was another Out to Lunch.

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