Monday, June 15, 2009

Walking Zootown and Thinking

Did the roadtrip completely derail my thought processes or just put them on a new track to which I haven't quite adjusted? I hope, of course, it is the latter. Things seem jumbled, at the moment, and I hope they start to sort out soon.

One of the aspects of Arkansas I haven't mentioned yet is my sister's hoarding disorder. It seems to be growing in popularity, among current dysfunctions, and has been featured on Oprah. Maybe, soon, I will go into more detail about how I came to Missoula, covering the years in Arkansas, nursing my parents through the last years of their lives. It was a shock to return to Pop's house (I still consider it his house, although he's been dead three years.) and find it full of garbage up to the windows, wall to wall.

I can't get those images out of my head, and they are depressing me. Maybe a little walk will help.

This could be a map of my brain. How many of you can identify this wall? Being an old alley-runner, I have seen it many times, and photographed it often.

A small piece of art states clearly that art can be found anywhere, not just in museums and galleries. That's not art, you say? Are you old-school, or just a purist?

Seeing happy people always improves my mood. These folks made my day.

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