Friday, July 24, 2009

Hip Strip Block Party 2009

I encountered this striking individual on my way to the Hip Strip Block Party, and again on my way back.

Zeppo opened the big stage at the Hip Strip Block Party, Saturday, July 18, 2009. Look who's back on the bass.

A couple of my favorite people were up front.

Here's a happy crew, who wanted their picture taken. I apologize for taking a week to get this posted, folks.

Mudslide Charley was playing at the same time on the small stage, behind the Boone and Crocket Club. As usual, Marco was up front playing and singing the blues hard, while behind him--one stalwart saxaphone player, playing the harmonica and drums, as well as his sax.

I wasn't the only photographer present.

I've heard him before, love his contemporary poetry, and can't remember his name to save my ass. Well, he's good, and we'll see him again.

Wartime Blues followed Zeppo on the main stage. Below is Bethany playing the cello, as she once did with Good Neighbor Policy. I consider the GNP reunion promoted at another venue false advertising, because Bethany was not there.

Temperatures near triple digits, cooked the sparse crowd on the parking lot asphalt, during the music. The fashion show brought in an audience.

There are more shots of the bands and other scenes around zootown, on this day, on the flickr archive.

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