Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Week Ago, Friday, July 17, continued

Another week has flown by, and I still haven't posted the full report on last Friday. If there was more than one alternative to growing older, I would take it. So where were we? At the Wilma for a movie preview.

After the movie, the post-event party moved to the Union Club, where the Full Grown Men were holding forth.

This is a talented and experienced group of musicians. This saxaphone player is particularly versatile, as I saw him the next day, playing with Mudslide Charley. He played the sax, harmonica and drums, behind Marco, at the Hip Strip Block Party.

Meanwhile, over at the Badlander, Pluto's a Planet was giving their final performance, before losing their front man to Portland. They went out with flair, delivering a vigorous and exciting show to say farewell. I first saw this group, when they were known as LP and the Federales, and enjoyed watching them evolve over the last year. More images from this night and previous action at Dauphines may be found on the flickr archive. Shit, we must say good bye to Dauphines, as well, because that great cafe is also gone.

Thomas Pendarvis left the sound booth to join his friends on stage for the finale.

Pluto is not a planet, according to NASA, and now the band is no more, as well.

Bump? I had never heard of them before, but I was glad to get in on their infectious, happy sound at the Top Hat.

There were many smiles around the Top Hat, that night, and more than the usual number asked to be photographed. Here's my favorite shot, as I went out the back door, and called it a wrap on a very busy Friday night.

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