Thursday, July 2, 2009

Underground, Part 2--Walking Corpse Syndrome

Technically, the Union Hall is not underground, being the venue upstairs to the Union Club, but the sound is underground. This night Walking Corpse Syndrome lived up to their headlining status. I had been late and missed their performance at Club Q, earlier in the month, and I wasn't about to miss this one.

This is one of the best-known metal-punk bands of zootown. There are solid rhythm riffs backing socially conscious lyrics, believe it or not, and I enjoy watching them.

Another photographer captures some animated fiddling.

The venue has some limitations, a lack of A/C being one, but a common one in zootown.

Doomfock, above, opened the show, followed by Mageddon, the lively crew below.

As usual, there are more images from this event on the flickr archive. Walking Corpse Syndrome may also be seen early last year competing in the finals of the PBR battle of the bands at the Other Side.

Dammit, I miss the Other Side. There go the best lighting and sound systems in town.

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