Saturday, July 4, 2009

Underground, Part 3--Blessiddoom @ Palace

Blessiddoom is among the royalty of the zootown metal scene, and Eddie, up front, is a hero to many. My history with them goes back over a year to the Other Side, when Blessiddoom was the first band up in the PBR Performance Series. 32 bands competed and eight qualified for the final round. Blessiddoom was the first to play and the first to qualify. There are previous posts on this blog about the band, and there are some sets on the flickr archive.

The dancers are sporting a new look, a fashionable update from the tank tops and shorts.

Why do we intellectuals always underrate metal bands? Some are very good. Blessiddoom can stand among any of the zootown bands with big reps, and their lyrics are as socially conscious as any protest singer's. Walking Corpse Syndrome, covered in the previous post, also makes savage commentary on modern life.

The Palace is proudly providing a venue for a lot of bands, local and visiting, who represent a sound off the beaten track.

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