Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Ritz at Midweek

Upstairs, in the Badlander, Andrea Harsell launched into song, and poured her heart into it. Her loyal friend, Louis Bond, accompanied her. Thus the Badlander stage opened, at 10pm, on Wednesday, July 22.

Later, downstairs, the visiting headliners introduced themselves with a vigorous performance.

Noah Ptolemy called me last week. He is now in Los Angles, saying the city of angels offers more opportunity than the Bay Area. While he would like to revisit zootown, a return isn't on his calendar, yet. An interview with him and samples of his latest style can be found here.

Wolf Redboy was the reason I was out on a Wednesday night, with work looming the next day. He was supposed to open at 10, but the line-up underwent late surgery, and he appeared near midnight.

Women worship Wolf. As you can see, this one is obviously praying.

The Ritz has in various incarnations been known by other names. It opened 100 years ago as the Savoy Hotel. Back then it was the corner of West Cedar and Stevens, rather than Broadway and Ryman. It has since been the Palace Hotel and the Ritz. Now it is home to the Badlander and Palace, two of zootown's best music scenes, as well as the Golden Rose and a casino. Look for a centennial celebration later this summer.

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