Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Friday--October, 2009

First Friday is Art Walk Night in zootown. Galleries open their latest shows, usually with snacks and drinks, and sometimes with music. I started the evening at Paradigm, an architect's office, tucked up the alley between the Rhino and the Catalyst. The artist's name was Jennifer Bardsley, and the music was provided by a pair of friends.

Next door and upstairs, jazz was being played in the Loft. The Loft is a classy private club, and we riff-raff can only enter free on the first and third Fridays. Jazz is played both of those nights. You must pay to participate in the wine tasting.

I hit several studios and galleries, after those two spots. Zombie Tools had an exhibit of wildly creative found art in the New West Offices, and Home Resource had a Spontaneous Construction exhibit outside in the alley. Noteworthy took me back to high school, when my locker was lined with Lon Cheney, Frankenstein's monster, Dracula and other assorted images torn from monster magazines. Tim Thornton filled Noteworthy with posters, prints and tiles featuring those monsters and performers from my youth. I'm up, down and around, until First Friday events are ending, and it is time for music. And there was music, right there on the corner of Higgins and Broadway, lots of music from a full brass band.

The Reverend was in the Badlander pulpit.

There was some electronic tomfoolery downstairs in the Palace.

When Club Q is up and running, the place is full of pulsing music, flashing lights, dancing and fun.

My last stop for the evening was the Union Club, where Whiskey Rebellion was playing. I wished I had checked these guys out sooner, because they are a kick in the pants. The new no smoking rule didn't seem to be hurting business at the club.

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