Thursday, October 15, 2009

Original Hermans Reunite

Which Hermans were reuniting I wondered, when I saw the first listing for this event, because I had seen several musicians play under that name. "All of them," I was told by someone who should know. If the word "original" had been in the listing I still wouldn't have known, since the original band was before my time in zootown. Wednesday, October 7, saw the group above in action in the Palace.

The two guys leaning into each other above were not original Hermans, although they are unique and original musicians in their own right. This was last year's Hermans' line up, which qualified for the finals of the PBR battle of the bands. Just to avoid any confusion, let's run through the "original" group one at a time.

David Jones is also seen regularly with Rooster Sauce.

William Barney Pheiffer

Chris Ente is better known these days for his roles with Reverend Slanky and Def Cartel.

On the drums behind that trio was Derk Schmidt.

I thoroughly enjoyed this performance and once again wished I had arrived in zootown earlier. I missed so much. Thank all the powers that be, I finally came home and am now trying to miss nothing.

There are more images from this event in a set on the flickr archive. There are also sets of Rooster Sauce and Reverend Slanky, who are staples on the Missoula music scene.

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