Monday, October 19, 2009

Two Lively Shows at the Top Hat

The Clumsy Lovers, from Vancouver B.C., are regular visitors to zootown. I've seen them in Caras Park three years in a row, and they played the 2008 Roots Festival. In addition, they play the Top Hat at least once a year. They are the kind of band that makes people tap their feet, and it's just hard to keep from dancing a jig, when they start playing.

On Friday, October 9, they put on a particularly energetic performance. The lead said Rebecca was on fire with her fiddle playing.

The very next night on Saturday the 10th, the Ragbirds came calling with more rhythms which could not be refused, and again their was fast and frenzied dancing. I had never heard Ragbirds before, but I swore to see them again, because they were a knockout, as was the beautiful woman up front.

The Top Hat seems to be specializing in feel-good bands, happy sounds and danceable tunes. It is a very pleasant venue for friendly folks. So once more I must say get up, turn of the tv and get out to a local venue for some live music. It's almost always better than the canned stuff.

There are more images of both these bands on the flickr archive.

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