Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mando Mike Passes Through

Rocky Mountain School of Photography has started their free winter lecture series in the quarry at the school. I attended the first of the monthly events, and thus arrived for only the last hour of the weekly open mike session at Brooks and Browns. There was a duo named CaseyJo up when I arrived. Then they invited Mando Mike to join them.

I hadn't seen Mike all summer. Once upon a time he was one of the Bad Intentions, playing behind Amanda Cevallos. He turned up many places for music, including the Irish folk jam at Celtic Connection. He said he was working at Glacier and just passing through on his way to the organic family farm in Idaho. Later, he brought his guitar up for his own set.

Seth joined him with a harmonica, and Carla Greene contributed the bass.

Other musicians took their turns.

Mike Avery filled in for Louis, who was down with the crud. Teri Llovett MC'd, as usual. Many of the regulars were there, and most joined in for the group finale.

The open mike at Brooks and Browns occurs every Tuesday, 7-10, and is beginning to attract some original songwriters to join the talented regulars.

Brooks and Browns is the bar in the back of the Holiday Inn. In addition to open mike, it hosts other music on weekends. Baba ganoush played for hours there recently, as previously reported. Malarkey will bring their Irish sound there Friday, Oct. 30.

The flickr set which goes with this post is titled BBMike, October 20, 2009.

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