Thursday, June 5, 2008

Braving the elements at Caras Park

A blustery day produced a cold and soggy Wednesday for the first Out to Lunch event of the year. A thin crowd huddled under the big top, while musicians worked hard to keep their fingers working under the tent covering the stage. The musicians are the hardy souls I want to praise here. First up was David Boone & Friends.

This was the first time, I saw David perform. Every previous listing for him, which I've seen, was at the Wilma. My current policy (based on necessity, I assure you) is to only photograph bands I can see free. If there is a ticket to be bought or a cover to pay, I'm not there. Hint to bands: If you want photos of your band on this blog, put me on your guest list. Just tell the bouncers to let in the old guy with the big beard and the big camera. And, communicate place and time to me.

Suggestion to venue owners and managers: If you want your venue mentioned here with photos of bands who played there, see the hint to bands above.

If you don't know this guy, you don't know what you're missing. Marco is the front man for Mudslide Charley, one of my favorite local bands. You can see previous articles about Mudslide Charley, on this blog, titled Rainy Afternoon Musings and Drums, Drumming and Slide, posted on Thursday, May 22, and Thursday, April 10, respectively.

If I understand correctly, this is the Charley of Mudslide. If I'm wrong, it won't be the first time I was full of shit. I'm definitely not wrong, when I say, he can play that harp.

This is just one of at least three bands Roger drums with. On this day, the rain pushed the tent right down on top of his hat.

Some might say it was one of those days "...not fit for man nor beast," and I'm sure the vendors faced with the pitiful turn out would agree. However, there are 11 more weeks of this event, and I promise the weather will be absolutely glorious for some of them. I'm looking forward to Big Sky Mudflaps, on July 2, because I heard they've been around for years and are an old local favorite. Another of my favorites, Zeppo, will be playing on July 23. A very talented woman, Joan Zen, is on the schedule for August 6, and Bob Wire, a funny guy, who writes some of the wittiest satire in town, will be up a week later on the 13th.

This is a great event. Come out, when you can, and support downtown Missoula. I've seen towns, where the big box stores have sucked downtowns dry. That will never happen here, because we won't let it happen here.

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