Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Clumsy Lovers Weren't Clumsy at Caras

Downtown Tonight caught a break with the weather and had enough fans show up to please the vendors, who had been terribly disappointed the day before for Out to Lunch.

The Clumsy Lovers came from Vancouver, B.C., to perform for the event. The last time they performed in Missoula, it was at a venue noted for always charging a cover even when the band sucks, and that meant a high fee for this terrific band. Who could complain about quality entertainment for free? The band expressed affection for our burg and said they greatly enjoy coming here.

The Clumsy Lovers have a Celtic influenced folksy sound, which is easy to dance to, although this night few besides the children danced. Perhaps, it is still too early in the spring, and people just aren't warmed up enough to dance outdoors.

In addition to t-shirts and CDs, the band merchandise included bumper stickers saying, "Honk if you're a clumsy lover." It was a joy to hear this amiable band, and the weather cooperated, after threatening all day. The music ended at 8:30, and the rain started at 8:35.

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