Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hallelujah and amen

When devouring chocolate chip cookies didn't cure my depression, I turned to religion. Reverend Slanky held a revival, at the Badlander, on Friday evening. Reverend deals in ecstatic, mystical faith, providing a transcendent experience through music, with an emphasis on drumming and dancing. Here are a couple of photos of the church service.

The local papers like to comment about the bands they cover possibly being the best in Missoula. Reverend Slanky can claim a place on that list, due to winning the PBR battle of the bands, this year. I posted a photo of their victory celebration, under "PBR Flashback" on May 1. There are some more shots from PBR on the flickr archive.

Cody leads the band, from his position behind the big drums.
Reverend Slanky is a good-sized combo, with approximately nine members performing on any given night. There's another drummer, behind Cody, pounding on a regular drum kit. There are usually two guitars, a bass and a keyboard, in addition to assorted brass.

The keyboardist always seems to be cheerful, unlike this fellow, who seems to be offended by the very concept of photographers.

Maybe he looks that way because he takes his music so seriously. Chris was an original member of the hermans, and recently played with that group again, after Cale and the Count departed. Over his shoulder, you can see Phil, who also plays with another group, Luau Cinder. See a previous post about their performance at Authentic Creations for First Friday.

The Reverend takes old music, stuff popular when I was young (that's old), and funks it up, making it more danceable than any version you ever heard before. If you like to dance, check the upcoming Missoula events for this group and be there for their next performance. Even if you don't dance, your butt may drag you out on the floor and start bouncing.

Give a shout out: let it bounce!

Get your music live and local.

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