Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dauphine's Makes the Scene

Shelby Cunliffe

Saucy Yodaa

Olbio Duo

The old Raven has resurrected as Dauphine's, and they have made the scene big time. The Dead Hipsters produced a terrific show there, recently, featuring Good Neighbor Policy. Hear that band, if you can, before they leave for Bellingham. Lead man, Thomas Pendarvis, is leaving Dauphine's and taking the band with him, very soon. Another, tight, local band the Victory Smokes also played that night.

Last Friday produced another strong show. A band so new as to be nameless opened, followed by Shelby Cunliffe. Where has this chanteuse been hiding? Her raw, smoky voice was perfect for the smoky emotions of her original material. A lot of original, song-writing women, in Missoula, are not getting their due. Amy Martin is another, who comes quickly to mind, and Andrea Harsell is all over this town. After Shelby, the Mythological Horses, from Portland, horsed around. Saucy Yodaa opened their performance with three raps.

Stein was up next, reminding me a bit of They Might be Giants, with funky, home-grown lyrics. They introduced the final band, Olbio Duo. Their exaggerated, southern eccentricities seemed over-rehearsed at times, but they knew their way around their instruments and performed more than competently. They came from Denver for this gig.

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