Sunday, June 29, 2008


Good Neighbor Policy, with the exception of Bethany Joyce, is leaving town. Thomas Pendarvis will stay in town for a while to train his replacement at Dauphine's, before joining the band in Bellingham. The good-bye event was held at the Badlander Friday, and the band celebrated with an outstanding performance, while their fans gave them a tremendous send off. The Apples of Discord opened the evening, and Victory Smokes followed with a vigorous set.

Check the flickr archive for more images of GNP, Cale and the Victory Smokes.

The Missoulian once said this might be the best band in Missoula. There can be no doubt they ranked in the top echelon. The grumbling about GNP, from other bands, must be professional jealousy. No one else can do what Thomas does up front, and Bethany is amazing on the cello.

It's a business decision for the band to seek more opportunity in the Seattle area, but I hate to see them go. Sometime in the future, I hope you will also see more pictures of GNP, taken in Washington State, after they are up and running there, and after I make the money for gas.

A young woman, with a point-and-shoot, squeezed between me and the stage. She thrust her camera into my view, and I played a bit catching her LCD screen and the band in the same frame. I considered moving to the other side of the stage for a different angle, but the crowd was thick and in full swing, and I was feeling too old for that battle. I took one more shot of the band with one of their avid fans and bid the Badlander a fond good night.

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