Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A day for voting and hope, or a rant

Time to get out and vote. Nope, not me. Sorry. I don't know the local issues and candidates well enough to cast an informed ballot, and I refuse to choose between Hillary and Obama. Both have cast votes, in the senate, I don't like. Hillary infuriated me when she announced she had been against the war from the beginning, after she voted for it. Then she made the excuse that she had been misinformed, and that if she knew then what she knew now...

I was sitting out in the armpit of America, and I knew they were lying their butts off to get the war started and enrich themselves and their cronies. How did she not know, while sitting in the halls of power? Feingold and Kucinich knew they were lying, as did Kennedy and Byrd, who both face serious health threats at the moment. Kucinich erred, however, when he told me Hillary had voted with Bush and his cronies "every time." When I checked, I found out of the first 14 legislative efforts to get the war rolling and keep it rolling, she had voted with the war-makers only 11 times.

Checking how your elected representative votes is important. It is easy to do online. Start here, and keep searching until your questions are answered.

Obama gave an eloquent speech opposing the rush to war, before he became a senator. However, after becoming a senator, his votes almost matched Hillary's. I'm all for hope, but until his actions match his words, I'm not sure what to hope for. I'm old enough to have been hopeful many times, and many times my hopes were dashed.

Now, you have my rationalizations for not voting today. That being said, whomever the Democrats choose will get my vote in November. The dim-dems have wimped out on the war issue (and many other issues) for years, but I want the Bush era ended asap, and a vote for McCain is a vote for more of the same old crap. I just hope the next president can make a difference.

I'm not quite as cynical as Philip Berrigan who said, "If voting made any difference, it would be illegal," but I'm getting there.


  1. You wrote exactly how I feel about the choice between Obama and Hillary. Looks like I will be voting Obama come November, but I won't doing it with a lot of fervor, that's for damn sure!

  2. Hey, Charles-
    Just dipping in to get caught up on your words and images. I think your readership is definitely growing, my friend, largely due to your willingness to be honest.

    (I voted yesterday, and I wrote in Steve Bierwag for U.S. Representative. He'll have all those bastards in DC driving Subarus.)