Monday, June 2, 2008

An homage to friends

The need to do everything quickly, right now, immediately is a created fiction. Seldom do emergencies, demanding prompt action, arise. Trying to please others can be a shackle, restraining us and keeping us from pleasing ourselves. Constantly, I have to remind myself of these two points, relax and be myself.

Last week, The Victory Smokes and BVE performed twice at the Badlander. It was a double dose on Monday and Friday, and both were terrific. My images and thoughts of the two bands had to be posted here ASAP. Well, there are other considerations, paying the rent being at the top of the list, followed by other issues requiring money. As the pressure to produce income, stay current, pay bills, have the latest on the blog and continue eating builds, I say time out and turn to a more important subject.

The subject is friends. I remember something Kori (a friend) said: "Opportunity is good; friends are better." I don't know if she originated the statement or was quoting someone else, but it is true. Here's darlin' Kori.

A dear friend, in El Segundo (remember Sanford and Son?), recently asked for a few of my images and a photo of me, promising a surprise. Today, I received an email with links to two slide shows of my stuff, complete with soundtracks, on Animoto. It was a surprise and a very good one.

Right behind that came the monthly newsletter from my friend Geri, who now resides in Sedona. She said it was time to give up that get-out-and-make-it-happen approach, which comes from the ego, and develop a get-out-of-the-way-and-let-it-happen attitude. That came right down the pipe through the strike zone. Dr Geri's website can be found in the links on the right side of this blog.

On that list of people and things I like is a blog by another friend. Check out Stumbling the Walk to learn more about my friend, Chris. He's a musician with two bands, Lazerwolfs and Tater Pig. Check the Lazerwolfs site for upcoming events and the awesome graphics Chris creates to advertise them. Their music can be sampled on myspace. Tater Pig is a family trio, which includes Chris, his wife and son.

Here he is, under the lights at the Other Side, playing with the Lazerwolfs, during the PBR battle of the bands.

Thanks to Chris for telling me I could do whatever I want with my blog and for leading by example by saying whatever comes to mind on his blog.

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