Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crystal Theater Hosts All Ages

The neon numbers 5-1-5 are gone, replaced by Crystal, on the theater, where Chris La Tray produced an all-ages concert, on Friday, October 10. His Lazerwolfs headlined, after a line-up of three young bands. First up was Ellilpticus. I apologize, if I misspell someone or some band's name.


The old kitchen poet has been getting stodgy, in the sense of repetitive and uninspired work. Now that I have a regular job, and my alarm is set for 6:30 at least five days a week, I don't get out to the music venues, during the work week as much. I missed several shows this week, which deserved coverage. This night, I encountered a fresh scene and felt like I did some above average work again. The Crystal had a good-sized stage, and Chris rented some lights. The seating was filled by show time with young fans and proud parents.

Celestial Chaos

There were some technical difficulties, the first being a blown drum head. Thus these guys played with Lazerwolfs' drum.
There was some excellent guitar playing, and some hard-driving drumming.

The drummer of Tater Pig has left the family band to play with his peers in a group named Hellilana. Everything is the devil and death, in a heavy-metal style with these guys. I must mention that all of these bands showed some very accomplished licks for performers so young.


And then, of course, we have the old pros, who also provided tech support, lighting and security all night. When they upped the volume over all who came before, the crowd gathered to pay them homage.

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