Thursday, October 16, 2008

Orwellian Pro-life and Torture

Doublespeak, newspeak, the meaning of words changes rapidly. Pro-life is such a positive sounding term, but so many who preach it are pro-death for people who disagree with them. So many support the war we were lied into, which has caused a million deaths in Iraq, and left four million homeless. Pro-life for fertilized eggs, but not for human beings. So self-righteous, so sure their god is the only god, worshiping mammon in a capitalist temple, while claiming to be so holy.

Lower gas prices are supposed to help incumbents in the election. That explains why they dropped so fast, and shows plainly how easily the price is manipulated. Think oligarchy and plutocracy, instead of democracy, because it is long gone. The republic is also dead, replaced by empire.

Back to the pro-lifers, who don't care how many people are killed in other countries by our military. They don't know, nor care that American corporations, around the world, hire militias to keep the farmers in line and execute serious opposition. Their attitude here is also pro-death.

Anyone, who reads, who hasn't read Orwell's 1984, must do so. Read a prophet as accurate as any who ever lived. Listen to our leaders spouting inane remarks, similar to "war is peace."

Pro-lifers and death go together like McCain and torture. He would never approve it he said, and our government would never do it. But our government did torture. It continues to torture, and McCain supports it. It's enough to make your head spin.

Our old allies are now our enemies, and former enemies are our best allies is a scenario from Orwell. The government propaganda machine always claims we are winning, but everything goes to the war, and the ruling class, leaving little for common folk. Look 1984, or Animal Farm. That's another terrific ditty, more satirical, slightly less grim.

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