Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Music in Zoo City

Down in front; let the boys in the back show their stuff. I wasn't willing to pay $11 to Pray for Snow with the iNHUMANS, but they played a second show that day at the Elks. Did you know about it? I don't remember seeing iNHUMANS at the Elks listed either in the Independent or on the Missoula Events site. If Kyle's brother hadn't told me about this gig, when I encountered him at the Badlander, I would have missed it. And I don't like missing this group, because they are truly original.

Saturday night, I was delighted to see another of my favorite groups, when Zeppo played the Union Club.
Chuck Lester was also celebrating his 69th birthday.

Ruthie was in red last night, with the iNHUMANS, and this night wears a black version of the same dress, with Zeppo.

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