Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jesus was a Socialist; McCain is a Warmonger

Going beyond describing Democrats as "tax and spend," and liberals as Satan worshipers, the McCain camp has labeled Obama a Socialist, and Fox has trumpeted the news. So many of the people supporting the McCain/Palin ticket claim to be Christians. How can they ignore how the GOP has completely sold out to anti-Christian values? The current administration is up to their eyeballs in lies, greed and destruction.

There are a ton of videos online about McCain voters being terrified because Obama is an AMT (arab, muslim terrorist). What the fuck!

Where do they get that shit? OK, I know one place, in addition to GOP rallies, FOX (faux) News. I watched it regularly, because I liked to hear both sides of arguments, and, at first, O'Reilly seemed to be a crusty old independent, as I consider myself to be. Then I realized he's a lying sack of shit. Every time some one accuses Fox of being slanted to the right, the network claims to host more liberals than conservatives. That's just another falsehood, as the count goes four to one the other way. Fox employs the biggest liars in American media, except for Rush Limbaugh. That asshole is the biggest of all, but O'Really and Hannity are both in the top five.

How can intelligent people watch or listen to all that crap and believe it? I have to tell you it is blowing my mind. Have they been completely brain-washed, or are they brain dead?

I must confess I voted for McCain once. It was in the Arkansas primary of 2000. At that time, I still thought he lived up to the "maverick" label. He had won the New Hampshire primary and was looking good. Nobody liked that smug little prick from Texas, but then a funny thing happened in the South. Most people don't realize "THEY" swift-boated McCain, before they swift-boated Kerry. During the debate about flying the Confederate flag in public, a whisper campaign began about McCain fathering a black child. It was one of many lies used to make W the candidate, similar to those which helped him win re-election.

After W took office, and the "Maverick" began to kiss ass and comply to party wishes, I looked the other way. Now, he's trying to distance himself from this corrupt administration, after voting with them, as they trashed the constitution and lied their way around the world. He claims to be an economy saver, but he voted for the deregulation that caused the current mess and profited from it.

I was considering voting Nader (again), but then I chickened out, when McCain chose Palin. Some of you have seen me around town, with my "Worst President Ever" t-shirt, and there's a photo in a previous post on this blog. McCain could make that obsolete in no time, and Palin, as his successor, could drop W to third. It's a sobering thought.

McCain doesn't think we have enough war in the world. He's made it very plain he would be willing to start more. Suggesting we might bomb Iran was beyond stupid, and his bellicose stance towards Russia is alarming. Tortured as a POW, in Vietnam, he said he would never support torture and then reversed himself completely. Torture is only one of many crimes he has supported with his vote.

This asshole calls Obama elitist for being well-educated, well-read and well-informed, while he, himself, owns more property than he can count. He calls Obama a socialist for wanting to move some of the tax burden back to the rich. The Reagan revolution began the wholesale looting of the government to enrich corporations and their already rich owners and bosses. Tax cuts were among the shouted slogans (memes), but they only applied to the rich. Claiming they were going to shrink government, they began to systematically cut every public service they could, while increasing expenses for weapons and financing wars supplied by their corporate cronies.

The last good Republican president, Ike, warned about the military-industrial complex. Contemporary Republicans have completely sold out to it. They've developed one of the most effective propaganda campaigns in history. So many Christians think those crooks support Christian values.

Wake up! Smell the napalm!

Christians should read their Bibles without listening to a bunch of rich, greedy preachers telling them what the book means. They should start with the Sermon on the Mount, because it is the heart sutra of Christianity. Expand from there through all of Jesus' words, paying close attention to the parables. What a storyteller the man was, and his stories had deep, eternal meaning. He promoted peace, love and charity, not profit-making and war.

I personally don't believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing being who created everything, in six days, and told the Hebrews to kill every man, woman and child who blocked their migration to the promised land. If it was true, Jesus made it plain those days were over.

We are entering the season when Christians celebrate the birth of their savior and his life story. It is a story worth repeating with timeless meaning. Christ, he was born in a barn! He was apprenticed and raised a poor working man. When he began to speak publicly, he spoke to and for the poor. He offended the rich and powerful, by exposing their hypocrisy, and they had him put to death.

That's a different biography than W has, for example. Let's start with his silver-spoon birth, quickly move through his spoiled childhood and his cruelty to animals and humans, and emphasize his rich daddy and his rich daddy's friends. They gave him everything, got him into Yale, kept him out of Vietnam, helped him buy companies, bailed him out when those companies failed, put him in the Texas governor's mansion, made him their figure-head and bought him the White House. I must admit, I was prejudiced from the beginning against him because he belonged to so many peer groups I despised, including spoiled rich kids and drunken frat rats

Let us consider the government, which oversaw Jesus' execution. Occupying legions of the Roman Empire held power and Herod's puppet government followed their orders. Jesus could be born in similar circumstances today, in Iraq. We, of course, are the occupying force. Our W resembles, not only the king with no clothes, but the fiddling Roman emperor, Nero.

Voting their values has a host of people serving the rich as drones, workers and cannon fodder. Still they claim to follow the poor, compassionate man, whom the government executed, as a terrorist, 2000 years ago.

We are Empire! And, reading the Bible clearly shows empires always fall.

History does indeed repeat, and it is time to stop the merry-go-round.

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