Monday, November 10, 2008

Are iNHUMANS Missoula's Hottest Band?

Kyle had the look, as the iNHUMANS played a benefit, for a cancer victim, at the Badlander.
The back-up singers, Heavy Flow, have been reduced to two, by Ruthie's departure. Margy and Robin continue to swing with plenty of pizzazz and style. Spellcheck doesn't like pizzazz, but I do, and these women have it.
Dylan mans the turntables.

It seems as if the crowds at the Badlander are larger and more energized, every time this group performs there. I remember the first time the club hit capacity, with them on stage, a few months back. It was a viral event, with fans on their cell phones telling their friends they had to get down to the Badlander and get in on the happening. Now, when the word gets out, everyone shows up, creating the type of scene once reserved only for Reverend Slanky.


  1. sweet shots charles and thanks for the flattering copy as well, it was a really fun show- Kyle

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